Imagine being a chef, a veterinarian, a farmhand, storekeeper, school teacher, or roasting marshmallows while camping in the wilderness. Your child’s mind is the limit in MooTown, USA!

MooTown Features our child-size pretend village, the Cowabunga Campground, and the Okee Dokee Farm Corral.

Jen R.

I had zero expectations – but this place would have blown away high expectations. Can’t believe I haven’t heard about it sooner. Was easy to spend 5 hours there with my 1.5 yo and 3 yo boys. We would have stayed longer if the younger one didn’t need a nap. I really appreciated the attention to detail – animal feed to carry around, small sinks and toilets, hand washing stations everywhere, staff everywhere to pick up poop and answer questions (all SUPER friendly), and even “scratch rakes” for some of the larger animals you can’t physically reach! This place is TOP. NOTCH. Also, surprisingly diverse array of both farm animals and other kinds of animals, and in massive quantities so that all kids get to interact!

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