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                         DAVIS FARMLAND HAS A MASSIVE BABY!

 (April 11, 2016 – Sterling, MA)  On Thursday, April 14th, just pIMG_6294rior to school vacation week, Davis Farmland opens for the season.

– Did you know Davis Farmland has added a baby girl Dromedary Camel to its largest sanctuary of endangered farm animals in North America?
– AND…did you know that camels are used for crop cultivation in areas like Saudi Arabia?
– Did you know the hump on their back is actually fat and not water and and it will increase in size as she gets older?
– Did you know they can drink up to 40 gallons of water at one time and the survive 7 days without water?

Camels can carry a 400 pound pack for 25 miles per day through the desert. However, unlike their cousin the Llama, they cannot climb well.  Camels are full grown at five years and can be up to seven feet tall. Camels live to be 40-50 years old.  They have 4 stomachs and eat greens and vegetation.  Dromedary camels, also called Arabian camels have one hump on their back. The dromedary is the largest camel after the Bactrian camel. The distinctive features of this camel are its long curved neck, narrow chest and only one hump (compared to the two humps on a Bactrian camel), thick double-layered eyelashes and bushy eyebrows. The coat is generally a shade of brown, but can range from black to nearly white. Daddy camels are called “Bulls”, Mommy camels are “cows”, and their babies are “Calves”.

Our new, not so little, baby girl dromedary camel has no name yet – It is our first Name The Baby Contest this season and you can enter a name of your choice at the farm or online at!

Be sure to pet, cuddle, and feed all of our newest baby animals from goats to sheep, llamas, chicks, hedgehog, chameleon and even kittens! Explore the largest sanctuary of heritage farm animals in North America…Take a Safari Hayride, Pony Ride and explore Imagine-Acres and Adventureland!

We kick off the special events this season, with Safety weekend! Davis Farmland salutes our local firefighters, police officers, and armed service personnel with FREE admission on April 30 & May 1. Active Fire, Police, EMT’s and Armed Service Personnel and their immediate families are admitted FREE when accompanied by the safety office and their ID required.

Check out our calendar of events for other special events and discount days! Discount days include Grandparents Day in April, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Grandparent’s Day in September.

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