Our Mission

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Moo Moo, Farmland’s Mascot. Let me tell you about some of the animals you’ll find here at Davis Farmland.

Preserving the Past for a Brighter Future

When most of you think of endangered animals, you probably think of exotic creatures such as tigers, whales or gorillas. Maybe you don’t think very much about me or my barnyard buddies. Well that’s too bad, because let me tell you, extinction looks just as permanent for me as it does for them. It’s no secret that over the years, certain animals have proven they are better producers of milk, meat or wool than others. These animals get special treatment, which is to say that they are actively bred by farmers. It’s the only way farmers can survive economically. Others, like me, are left to fend for themselves. When this happens, our numbers decline, often to dangerously low levels. As you can probably guess, I’m starting to get a bit lonely.ourMission_endangered

Have you ever seen another cow like me? Probably not, and you may be wondering why it is important to save breeds like me. The answer is genetic diversity. The animals at Davis Farmland are the ancestral breeds of most modern farm animals. You wouldn’t let your ancestor’s way of life disappear, would you? And who knows, if disasters like massive disease, climate change or other unforeseen problems ever occur, you’re going to need to have us around to breed back to and correct the problem. I know animals here that hardly ever get sick, they can survive in harsh climates, they have great mothering abilities, disease and pest resistance. It’s important to act now, or you’ll lose us forever.

Your friends here at Farmland help save rare breeds and make sure we’ll be around for a good long time. In fact, did you know that Davis Farmland is the largest private sanctuary of endangered livestock in North America? You may have noticed that some of us here were around during the time of the Roman Empire or living side by side with wooly mammoths. We represent the great, great, great grandparents of the farm animals that you see every day.

Our rarity has tremendous genetic value but unfortunately, very little market value and maintaining us year-round is very expensive. Without your continued support the farm could not grow, diversify and repopulate our breeds.

We’d all like to thank you because your admission dollars directly contribute to Farmland’s mission of saving endangered animals for everyone’s future.